Photo Blog: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay is on every Singapore itinerary and has consistently been the in the top ‘things to do’ in this tiny island country. It is a nature park spanning 250 acres of reclaimed land in central Singapore adjacent to the Marina reservoir. It’s a gorgeous park with various themed gardens, cloud forest, and super tree groves and truly reflects the ‘Garden City’ tag of the country. Post sunset, the super trees come alive with state of the art light and music show. Here are some pictures from my visit:

Chinese New Year decoration!
Night view!
Singapore is gorgeous at night!
Dahlia collection!
Blazing Yellow!
Yellow Dahlia Garden!


Date Palm!


Olive tree!
Flower Dome


Year of the rooster!
Desert Plants!
Baobab tree- Look at the trunk!
Woolly cacti!
Super tree Grove and OCBC skyway!
Singapore skyline from the bay!
Sunset from the super tree grove!
Cloud forest!

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