Amritsar, India: The Golden City!

A temple made of gold surrounded by water on all sides? No, I am not describing my dream but the holiest shrine of Sikh religion located in Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab!

In December 2016, we drove from my house in Panipat till Wagah border which is around 7 hours drive (including a 30-45 min halt in between). It was great being so close to India- Pakistan border. Then we went to Amritsar where we visited the golden temple both at night and the morning and couldn’t decide when it looked more beautiful. It was definitely quieter in the night. Loved the ambience and the aura which left me overwhelmed! We also visited the Jallianwala Bagh which is a historical place and a reminder of the sacrifice by innocent Indians who lost their lives fighting for freedom during the British rule. Here are some pictures from my trip-

So close!
Golden temple at night!
Entrance to the garden!
Akal Takht
Mustard fields!

While you are in Amritsar, make sure you try the stuffed paranthas, amritsari chole and Phirni at Kesar Da Dhaba! Bade bhai ka brother’s Dhaba is also a good option near the temple. Stay near the temple to avoid getting stuff in traffic. You can check out hotel Puri Palace. Finally, the best time to visit is Oct-Dec! Let me know in the comments of you have any other queries while planning a trip to Amritsar!

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