Singapore: Jurong Bird Park

My Dec 2019 wishlist is to see more of Singapore–my home for the last 5 years. In this spirit, I visited the Jurong Bird park today, on a particularly stormy afternoon! Thankfully, the thunder storms lasted about an hour and we could see a lot in the 3 hours we had.

How to reach there: We took a cab but in case you are planning to use public transport then best way is to come up untill Boon Lay station (green line or East west line) and take bus 194 which stops quite close to the park.

Despite the stormy weather, I quite enjoyed the visit. The park was lush green, more so after the downpour and the variety of bird species was amazing! My favourites were the lory loft (housing bright hued lory and lorikeets who love being fed), flamingos and the parrot paradise (the super rare blue macaws are here!). The penguins were super cute as well (as always! :))

Pelican Cove
This Pelican is definitely posing for me!
Carribean Flamingos

This penguin couldn’t stop admiring its reflection!!
Flamingo Lake
Crane–one of the flightless birds
Sarus crane: tallest flying bird in the world. Always found in pairs 🙂
Greater flamingos

These flamingos always queued up to cross
Iguana lurking around

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