Penang: Street Art

Along with its distinct and flavourful cuisine, Penang's street art attracts tourists from world over. Works of a young Lithuanian artist named Ernest Zacharevic, these were commissioned by the Penang Municipal Council in 2012 to breathe life into the quaint streets of this island. These are pretty impressive and the fun lies in walking through... Continue Reading →

Malacca: The Perfect Weekend Trip!

Malacca (locally known as Melaka) is a lovely laid back city in Malaysia, located near the Straits of Malacca. Also known as 'historic state', Malacca has been ruled by the Dutch, Portuguese and British thanks to its strategic location which made it an important port along the east-west trade route. Chinese immigrants came to Malacca... Continue Reading →

48 hours in Kuala Lumpur!

So I have been living in Singapore for an year now but never got a chance to visit its neighbour, Malaysia! And for some reason my Husband, who has been here for 10 years, has never been to KL. We, therefore, made an impromptu weekend trip (very unlike me) to Malaysia's capital in November 2016.... Continue Reading →

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