Sun Moon Lake-Nantou, Taiwan

Taiwan's largest lake, Sun moon lake, is not only the largest water body in Taiwan but also an immensely beautiful one surrounded by the mountains of Nantou county. The area around the lake is home to the Thao tribe, one of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan. The name of the lake is inspired by the... Continue Reading →

W Hotel Taipei: Hotel Review

Taiwan is catching up with its Neighbours and is on its way to become a hot tourist destination. Well that's not surprising since the country is blessed with stunning landscapes, mountains and lakes! If you are also planning a trip to Taiwan and are looking for some luxury in its capital Taipei, then W hotel... Continue Reading →

White Rabbit and Lady M

Posting after quite sometime here and this one is about our second wedding anniversary. I usually like to travel on anniversary and birthdays but had back to back travel scheduled already starting Feb end. So we spent a beautiful day exploring little gems in Singapore. We started with a lovely 3- course European cuisine lunch... Continue Reading →

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