Day Trip to Pisa from Florence

Seeing the Leaning tower of Pisa was a bucketlist item for me since I was a kid. We made a day trip from Florence to Pisa, which is a 1-1.5 hour journey by train. We were actually on our way to Riomaggiore so Pisa was a pit stop for us.

Getting around Pisa is pretty easy. You can buy a bus ticket from station and the bus stop is right in front as you exit the station. The bus takes you all way to the historic centre of the city which is a collection of religious medieval buildings. It is almost like entering a museum because all the landmarks are in that area in a straight line! Expect lots of people with everyone taking goofy shots around the tower (see last pic for reference)!

Piazza Del Duomo: the architectural complex comprising the Cathedral, Baptistry, Cemetery and the Bell tower!

Did you know that the leaning tower is actually the Bell tower or Campanile of the church?

The lean is so obvious!
Gardens surround the building where everyone was chilling!
That touristy Pisa shot! 🤣

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