Roman Street Scenes

Rome is an incredibly photogenic place. The city is filled with exquisite churches and building with immense architectural value. But even simple pictures of random streets turn out so charming. My phone is full of usual street scenes from this historic city!

I spent better part of 4 days here walking through the streets and ruins. I am sharing some of my cherished pictures from the collection.

Almost a painting!

That stunning building is the Supreme Court!
Evenings in Trastevere
Sunset at the Colosseum
Vittorio Emanuele II Monument
Street performer near Castel Sant’angelo
Bernini’s Bridge of Angels leading to the castle

The castle across river Tiber

I really wanted to sit in this Cafe for a bit but couldn’t leave my walking tour 🙂
Piazza Navona–the most impressive Piazza in the city

This building belonged to some rich family (like a lot of other buildings in Rome!)

At the top of the Spanish Steps
Piazza Di Spagna
Sculptures in Rome are mind-blowing!
Piazza Di Spagna from the top of Spanish Steps

This road is called the Royal walk–lot of important buildings from Roman empire are here
Pretty corners and quaint cafes
Basilica Di Santa Maria–I was blown away by the interiors of this Church

This vertical road is probably the oldest in the world and was used by travellers and pilgrims to arrive into Rome

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