Amalfi Coast: 3-Day Itinerary

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is dreamy. Coastal cliffs dotted with pastel coloured buildings and vast expanses of blue as far as the eye can see. It is also incredibly popular which means you are sharing a slice of heaven with a million other tourists. Despite the crowds, the Amalfi coast is pretty stunning. Here’s how I spent my 3 days here:

Day 1: Sorrento

We chose Sorrento as our base. It’s a lovely seaside town and perfect for day trips to Capri and Amalfi coast. We took a ferry from Naples Port which takes about 40-50 minutes to reach Sorrento. Its a complete anti-thesis to Naples– quiet, peaceful, cleaner and beautiful!

Sorrento has some lovely views of the Tyrrhenian sea and Vesuvius. The town square, Piazza Tasso, is also nice and buzzing in the evenings.

View from Villa Communale

Mr. Tasso after whom the Piazza is named!

Where to eat in Sorrento:

1. Fresco for Gelato

2. Fuoro for a nice, romantic dinner

3. Bistro Sorrento if you are looking for fine-dining options. Their food is delicious truffle pasta

4. O’Murzill for lovely home-style Sorrento food

Day 2: Day trip to Positano and Amalfi

On day 2, we did a day trip to Positano and Amalfi. The cheapest way is via bus that runs on frequent intervals from Sorrento bus station. Just make sure that the bus you are boarding stops at the town you plan to visit. We bought an all day ticket from the convenience store near the bus stop.

The views from the bus are amazing. Positano was incredibly beautiful! Actually just like the Instagram pictures. We walked around a bit and had a lovely lunch overlooking the sea at Da Vicenzo.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the insane amount of climbing required because the bus stop is on top of the hill and if you plan to go down to beach then you will have to climb all the way back up to catch the bus back or to your next stop!! I was almost in tears at one point (don’t judge me, I had climbed way too many stairs by then) but the views kept me going. Our next stop was Amalfi where we spent most of our time at the beach.

A slice of heaven
Lunch with a view 😍
This is where I had given up but when I turned back to look at the view–wow!!
Beach at Amalfi

There are various towns along the coast that you can choose to spend the day at. Most people and blogs will tell you that you can see the Amalfi coast in a day trip. I don’t agree with it. A day trip is just enough to see one seaside town at best if you are planning to spend sometime at the beach. I could have spent an entire at Positano! I would have loved to visit Ravello and Atrani– maybe next time 🙂

Day 3: Day trip to Capri

The island of Capri is a short 30 minute ferry ride away from Sorrento is a perfect day trip. It’s been a luxury getaway for Roman kings since centuries and also kind of used for banishing people. My favourite thing was the chairlift to Monte Solaro. The views from up there was magical. Also, it was my first time in a chairlift! I was a bit scared initially but then realized it goes slowly so pretty nice to enjoy views in peace.

My favourite shot–that’s a statue of Emperor Augustus who was probably the first person to land in Capri!!



We also did the boat tour which takes you up and close to the Blue grotto and Faraglioni rock formations. The blue grotto was unfortunately closed because the water level was high. Faraglioni rocks were cool and we followed the sailor’s instruction to kiss under them 🙂

Capri from the boat
Faraglioni Rocks

We then took the bus to Anacapri for some quick bite and chairlift to Monte Solaro. We then had a nice homely lunch at Aumm Aumm before heading to the beach.

Cute kitty

Marina Piccolo beach

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