Penang: Street Art

Along with its distinct and flavourful cuisine, Penang’s street art attracts tourists from world over. Works of a young Lithuanian artist named Ernest Zacharevic, these were commissioned by the Penang Municipal Council in 2012 to breathe life into the quaint streets of this island. These are pretty impressive and the fun lies in walking through these streets and hunt for the murals. There are some new wrought iron ones as well with funny quotes. Here are the pictures from my treasure hunt and the streets on which I found them.

1. Lebuh Keng Kwee: Right above Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol


2. Armenian Street: You can spot many popular murals along this street especially on the junctions. Quite a few of them have featured in the Amazing Race series.


Probably the most photographed mural! Love the expressions on their faces!
There are several cat murals!
Looks like the kitty is dreaming about food (rat!)



3. Jalan Muntri/Chulia Street: Start from Jalan Muntri and keep walking towards Chulia street.



The popular ‘Little girl in blue’-A 20-feet high mural!
Keep an eye out for this narrow alleyway!



Dumplings anyone?
Wrought iron artwork!

4. Chew Jetty: Right at the entrance

Grandma playing with her grand kid- Super cute!

I could cover only these during my trip. There are several street art spotting walking tours in case you are interested. I personally preferred spotting them on my own and i have loads left for my next trip!!




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