Wroclaw: The Most Charming Polish City!

Wroclaw was my favourite part of the Poland trip! Its such a cute and charming city with beautiful architecture, amazing people and delicious food. We took the morning train from Poznan which took about 3 hours. We stayed at this pretty studio very close to the old town centre. Our gracious hostess gave us some great food recommendations. So our first stop was a Georgian restaurant called Chinkalnia. This was the first time we were trying Georgian cuisine and were completely blown away (Added Georgia to the bucket list)!

It had started drizzling by the time we finished our late lunch. We started walking towards the old town centre, and stumbled upon one of Wroclaw’s 500+dwarfs. Created as a mascot for the movement against Soviet, they eventually became a form of artistic expression throughout the city. I loved looking for these cute little things on every nook and corner (and few even hanging out of windows from the 10th floor!). There are dwarf maps available in case you are interested in spotting all of them.


Wroclaw’s old town is absolutely beautiful especially the town hall with its very unique style of gothic architecture.

Wroclaw main market square


Town Hall

We walked around a bit and then went back to our studio to rest a bit. We seriously overslept because we woke up only the next morning! We had our breakfast at Korba Kuchnia then joined the Free Walkative tour to get to know the city. In case you have not been on these tours before, they are free and you can pay the guide whatever you like at the end. I will highly recommend this tour because it was correctly paced and we got a lot of great information from our guide.


Town Hall Details!!
Wroclaw University-Main Building


Wroclaw Market Hall

We walked all the way to Cathedral Island or Ostrow Tumski which is full of stunning architecture. I was amazed at the architecture at both St. John’s and St. Bartholomew’s.  Certain halls inside St. John’s is open for tourists, and I highly recommend going there because the ceiling frescoes/paintings are beautiful. Also, the view from the bell tower is fantastic with the Oder river in front and the old town beyond.

St. Bartholomew’s Church
St. John’s Cathedral- the one with the iconic double spires
Inside St. John’s Church
View from the top!

We then had an amazing lunch at Seafood Bar & Market especially the prawns (literally licked my food off the plate!).


We wanted to see the panoramic painting i.e. Raclawice Panorama but the tickets were sold out for the day. So we went to the Japanese gardens for a leisurely stroll and see the multimedia fountain show. It is a nice place to relax and unwind. We ended the day with a lovely pierogi dinner at Stary Mlyn in the old town centre.

Japanese Gardens
Centennial Hall- A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Fountains near Centennial Hall
Pierogi lover for life!

The next day, we had breakfast at Central Cafe, Took another stroll at the market square (if you are following my Poland posts, once/twice is never enough to truly enjoy the market square in these cities) and then headed to the train station for our next stop.


When the train station is this photogenic!

Wroclaw is amongst my favourite cities and I am sure I will be back someday for a longer stay. Here are my favourite dwarfs from Wroclaw, and the best one is the female tourist dwarf taking a pic of a dwarf!!


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