Birthday Celebration At Odette

We are usually holidaying on my birthday. Since it wasn’t possible this year, we decided to dine in style at Odette. It is a 3-Michelin star restaurant, currently named Asia’s best and is amongst the world’s top 20 restaurants. Booking runs atleast a month in advance and the 6 course lunch spread is priced at 248$ before taxes.

The food was fantastic. Delicately presented, a lot of play on textures and taste was impeccable. It’s difficult to pick out a favourite dish but my favourite elements were the mushroom tea, Normandy brown crab, olive oil sorbet, basil sorbet and the yuzu tart. My yuzu tart came with a cute candle and ‘happy birthday’ scribbled on the side of the plate 😊🎂

We also had a glass of their special edition champagne which was a great accompaniment to the amazing food. Sharing some pictures from the phenomenal gastronomic experience!

Mushroom tea
Bread with homemade butter, creme fraiche and olive oil
Normandy brown crab
Tomato collection with olive oil sorbet
Smoked organic egg
Wild turbot—the sauce was super delicious
Lamb is served!
Axuria lamb saddle
Grape palate cleanser
Yuzu tart–was a total winner with the different textures and that basil sorbet was mind blowing
Sweets–lychee lollipops, cake with crispy tops, Japanese melons and chocolate tart

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