Tyrwhitt Road Food Scene

A bit off the main circuit, Tyrwhitt road has some great and affordable dining options. It’s a small street filled with hip cafes– Tiramisu Hero, Chye Seng Huat, Black fairy coffee, Wimbly Lu etc. I have been a regular at Tiramisu Hero in the past. They serve great tiramisu in a variety of flavours and a neat cup of mocha. This time, we decided to explore more of their menu. Garlic butter prawn pasta and soy chicken wings were total winners! The Mee hoon kueh was alright.

We ended our meal with desserts at Wimbly Lu which is actually famous for its waffles. We ordered Ethel’s blackout cake and a scoop of their homemade salted caramel ice cream. The blackout cake was the discovery of the day. I think I have found the best chocolate cake in Singapore–soft, moist, perfect amount of sweetness/bitterness and a thin layer of glaze! Will try out their waffles next time 😊

Prawn Pasta
Mee hoon kueh
Soy Chicken Wings
Ethel’s blackout cake

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