Poznan in one day

While going from Gdansk to Wroclaw, we decided to break the journey with a one-day pit-stop in one of the cities in Central Poland and after some research zeroed in on Poznan. Located in the west (closer to Germany), this one is a university town full of students (and a hipster vibe!) and is also... Continue Reading →

24 Hours in Warsaw

Poland's capital, Warsaw is a city of full of surprises. From the charming buildings of old town, palaces to vast green patches, and shiny skyscrapers- the city packs a punch and is a good starting point in your Poland itinerary. We spent a day in Warsaw and had a pretty great time. I thought it... Continue Reading →

Poland: 10 Day Itinerary

Wondering whether should you be even spending 10 days in Poland? Well, I was faced by a similar dilemma but decided to take the plunge which resulted in a super awesome vacation. Poland, while not as popular (read 'touristy') as its neighbours, has a lot to offer from awe-inspiring cathedrals, castles, palaces, delicious polish cuisine,... Continue Reading →

Dubai: 4 Day Itinerary

I went to Dubai with a pre-conceived notion of just seeing skyscrapers and malls and getting bored of it by the end of my short vacation. To my surprise, we had an amazing holiday and by the end of it we wished we could have stayed a bit longer. 4 days is perfect for a... Continue Reading →

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