A Day In Naples

I had a day in Naples on my recent trip to South Italy. Honestly, after reading negative reviews online (mainly around petty crime, cleanliness and chaos) I was not keen on spending much time in Naples. In fact, I cut short my stay to one night instead of two. However, after a day of walking... Continue Reading →

Top things to do in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta is a small and bustling city in Indonesia, lovingly called 'Jogja' by the locals. Sharing the highlights of my trip with you all. How to reach: AirAsia runs direct flights from Singapore with around 2.5 hours flying time. Where to stay: We stayed at Hyatt Regency and I will highly recommend it. The property... Continue Reading →

3 Days in Beijing, China

Beijing is the gateway to China and a quintessential part of every China itinerary. The seat of power of Chinese empires for centuries, it has multiple architectural marvels and landmarks of great historical importance. During my recent stint in Hong Kong, I did a 3 day trip to Beijing, to get a peek into China.... Continue Reading →

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